How We Brew

Seeds Background

Water of Coimbra
Is Praxis Beer

"Reinheitsgebot", April 23th, 1516
- Beer Purity Law

Our Brewing Process

Our beer is produced by a 100% NATURAL process, where the selection of the ingredients is the main secret, beginning with the WATER OF COIMBRA.


The grains are prepared for brewing.
They are embedded in a water tank, followed by germination.
The malt then deeply raises its temperature through the heating of the oven.


The starches released at the malting stage are converted into fermentable sugar, forming the mash which will later be filtered.


The sterilization of the mash occurs, allowing the elimination of all unwanted substances and the final fixation of the mash.
At this stage, the hops are added, contributing to the fragrances and the bitter taste of the beer.


Through the yeast, the sugars from the mash turn into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
The fermentation begins with the addition of the yeast selected according to the type of beer we intend to produce.


The beer is conditioned at appropriate temperatures, allowing undesirable volatile components to be released.


The beer is stabilised at a temperature between 0º and 2º C, so that the properties of the beer may settle.
The last suspended elements of turbidity are eliminated, providing the beer its expected clearness.


The beer is packaged for distribution and consumption, in various sorts of containers: barrel, bottle, can, etc...

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