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  • ALCOHOL 5.20%
  • IBU 25
  • SINCE 2015
Bitter 40%
Sweet 60%

Discover our Pilsener, a classic and refreshing beer that stands out for its slightly golden color and mild hop aroma. Inspired by the best brewing traditions, this low-fermentation beer is produced with the purest ingredients, guaranteeing superior quality and an unmistakable flavor.

With a balanced malt profile, our Pilsener uses high quality malted barley, which provides a solid base and a touch of sweetness to the palate. The carefully selected hops provide a floral and herbaceous aroma, while the yeast contributes to its characteristic cleanliness and freshness.

Coimbra water, recognized for its purity and quality, is a fundamental ingredient in the preparation of this Pilsener, enhancing its flavor and texture.

Our Pilsener features a creamy white foam and a light to medium body, making it perfect to enjoy on any occasion. It pairs perfectly with light dishes, such as salads, seafood and appetizers, or simply to quench your thirst on a hot day.

Try our Pilsener and discover the true taste of a craft beer, where the simplicity and quality of the ingredients come together to create an exceptional and captivating drink.

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Coimbra Water, Malted Barley, Hops and Yeasts.

Contains allergens: Barley | Contains gluten.

Validity: 9 months | Storage Temperature: 4ºC - 6ºC