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  • imperial stout
  • imperial stout
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imperial stout

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  • ALCOHOL 8.50%
  • IBU 45
  • SINCE 2019
Bitter 80%
Sweet 20%

Imperial Stout was voted the best Imperial Stout in the world in 2021. This extraordinary beer with a dark and intense color captivates the senses with its richness and complexity of flavors, aroma and body. A true delight for lovers of special and striking beers.

In aroma, Imperial Stout exudes notes of dark chocolate, coffee and caramelized malts, inviting a deep and engaging sensorial experience. On the palate, the flavors of roasted malts become evident, bringing out delicious nuances of coffee and chocolate, which harmonize with a medium bitterness from hops, creating a perfect and intriguing combination.

Our Imperial Stout, recognized worldwide, is a unique and sumptuous beer, ideal for sipping in special moments and enjoyed calmly, allowing all its details to reveal themselves with each sip. Enjoy this true masterpiece of craft beer, which stands out among the best in the world and elevates the art of drinking beer to a new level of excellence.



Coimbra Water, Barley and Malted Wheat, Oats, Hops and Yeast.

Contains allergens: Barley, Wheat and Oats | Contains gluten.

Validity: 9 months | Storage Temperature: 4ºC - 6ºC