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  • Neipa - Praxis
  • Neipa - Praxis


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  • ALCOHOL 6.00%
  • IBU 26
  • SINCE 2022
Bitter 42%
Sweet 58%

Immerse yourself in the exotic and refreshing world of our NEIPA, a beer that captures the essence of tropical flavors and transports you on a unique sensory journey. With a smooth body and a characteristic cloudy appearance, this beer is a masterpiece of brewing art, which stands out for its vibrant and aromatic flavor profile.

On the nose, NEIPA unveils a bouquet of citrus and tropical aromas, with hints of passion fruit, pineapple and citrus, creating an irresistible olfactory experience. On the palate, the harmonious combination of fruity flavors and a touch of bitterness, provides a perfect balance that seduces and surprises craft beer lovers.

Ideal to enjoy in relaxed moments, NEIPA is the perfect companion for a sunny afternoon or a lively night out with friends. Let yourself be carried away by the tropical flavor of this beer and enjoy a true taste paradise that will make you dream of lush landscapes and paradisiacal beaches.


Contains allergens. Contains gluten.

Oats, Hops and Yeasts, Malted Barley, Coimbra Water.