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  • Portuguese Peter
  • Portuguese Peter
  • Portuguese Peter
  • Portuguese Peter
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Portuguese Peter

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  • ALCOHOL 5.60%
  • IBU 26
  • SINCE 2007
Bitter 60%
Sweet 40%

Let yourself be enveloped by the vibrant energy of our APA, an American Pale Ale that offers you a true explosion of flavor and aroma. Inspired by our friend Pedro's American musical style, this beer captures the essence of his roots and passion for music. With an intense and striking bitterness, our APA will take your palate to new heights, quickly becoming one of your favorites.

Originating in the USA in the 1980s, this top-fermented beer has a beautiful coppery amber color, crowned by a persistent head that highlights its vibrant character. The intense hop flavor and aroma come from American Hop Cascade, giving our APA a unique and captivating profile. The neutral American yeast used in its production guarantees a harmonious and balanced final result.

Enjoy our APA in moments of relaxation, celebrating life and friendship with those you love most. Its strong and striking personality makes this beer the ideal option to enjoy on any occasion, providing you with an unforgettable and authentic experience with every sip.

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 Ingredients :

Coimbra Water, Malted Barley, Hops and Yeasts.

Contains allergens: Barley | Contains gluten.

Validity: 9 months | Storage Temperature: 4ºC - 6ºC